Visioni di Vetro



A poetic peek behind the doors of the Murano glass artisans of Venice, and a voyeuristic survey of the historic surroundings that helped shape and inform their craft.

A film by Paolo Galgani & Thomas Olafsson.

Located in the laguna of Venice, Murano is the island renowned for glassmaking dating back centuries. The making of Murano Glass has been passed down through generations without formal education. Today, only a handful of maestros masters the craft. From glassblowing to the intricacies of shaping, cutting and decorating, apprentices are taught the knowledge and expertise to carry on the legacy of Murano glassmaking. Beyond technical skills, Murano glassmaking instills a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, creativity and attention to details.

The Copenhagen Venice Vetri Murano series draws on this meticulous craftsmanship native to the Venetian island, while offering a modern take on the classic swirl design. "Visioni di Vetro" captures the maestro as he conscientiously crafts each piece in the Vetri Murano series, highlighting the intensive process behind the distinctive designs.

Venetian artisans possess a deep reverence for the art form of glassmaking, viewing the craft as a sacred tradition. The influence of cultural heritage from Venice is profound and enduring. From Carlo Scarpa’s interplay of shadows and light in architecture to the city’s allure and mystery rooted in history.

The Vetri Murano series is a dialogue between history and contemporary design sensibilities reminding us to honour our heritage, while embracing the possibilities of the future. Copenhagen Venice reflects this timeless notion of creativity and sophistication in our dedication to craftsmanship and design. “Visioni di Vetro” emphasises the importance of documenting the few artisans practicing and protecting the craft.