Vintage Murano multicolored filigree table lamp

Price 3.500,00 kr - Price 3.500,00 kr
3.500,00 kr
3.500,00 kr - 3.500,00 kr
Price 3.500,00 kr

Vintage Murano multicolored filigrana table lamp with swirl pattern. The lamp has swirl blue, green, yellow and pink as well as pink gold swirl. So nice and rarely seen. The lamp is the perfect size for a window sill, bedside table or on a chest of drawers. Handmade in Italy, 1970s, and comes with new white cord. H: 20.5 D: 20.5 cm

Item 305-1

Please note that this product is handmade and in vintage condition. S Questions about the product can be sent to