Vintage Murano blue mushroom lamp H: 29 cm

Price 7.800,00 kr - Price 7.800,00 kr
7.800,00 kr
7.800,00 kr - 7.800,00 kr
Price 7.800,00 kr

A rarely seen couple! Original vintage Murano mushroom / mushroom lamps in light blue with the most beautiful swirl. The lamps are mouth-blown in one piece of glass and have a light and organic look. Handmade in Italy, 1970s, and is in incredibly good condition with new white cord. H: 29 cm⁠ D: 24 cm⁠

Sold individually. Price per lamp.

Item 276-12 + 276-13

Please note that this product is handmade and in vintage condition. Questions about the product can be sent to