Vintage Fratelli Toso Murano swirl vase H: 19.5 cm

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2.800,00 kr
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Price 2.800,00 kr
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An original vintage Fratelli Toso Murano vase with a story. Fratelli Toso glassblowing was founded in 1854 and, especially during the 1930s and 1960s, was a big name on the island of Murano (Venice, Italy). The glass house had its last own production on the island in 1968-1970 and this vase originates from the last production. Since then, the vase has been part of the Fratelli Toso family's private collection and it still has the original sticker. An absolute collector's item in perfect condition. H: 19.5 cm D: 10 cm.

Item 281-1 

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