Ceiling lamp pendant white Murano swirl D: 20 cm

Price 3.800,00 kr - Price 3.800,00 kr
3.800,00 kr
3.800,00 kr - 3.800,00 kr
Price 3.800,00 kr
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The glass is mouth-blown by a 4th generation Italian glassblower family who work in their own workshop. Prepared according to traditional Murano glassblowing techniques with the classic soft swirl in white opal glass. D: 20 cm 

The size is perfect for the kitchen or entrance hall.

The pendant is hand-formed in pure brass with a semi-matt finish and produced in Italy in a family-run metalwork workshop.

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As it is mouth blown glass, the swirl may vary slightly from glass to glass and there may be small magic bubbles and other unique characteristics.