Arje Griegst for Royal Copenhagen Konkylie sauce jug no. 14192 (white)

Price 4.500,00 kr - Price 4.500,00 kr
4.500,00 kr
4.500,00 kr - 4.500,00 kr
Price 4.500,00 kr

Original vintage Royal Copenhagen Konkylie / Triton sauce jug in the beautiful white glaze. The frame was designed by the renowned Danish jeweler and jeweler Arje Griegst in 1978 and is no longer produced. Arje Griegst is also world famous for his jewelery, sculptures and glass. He has also worked for Holmegaard and Georg Jensen.

Model: 14192

Condition: 1st grade

L: 20 cm W: 13 cm

Item 334

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