Copenhagen Venice vintage Murano glass collection

Copenhagen Venice was established in Copenhagen in 2020, but the fascination for Murano glass, and especially the beautiful glass lamps, started long before.

Our vintage Murano glass collection

We probably have the largest selection of vintage Murano glass in Denmark, and it is all carefully selected. Our Murano collection covers lamps, bowls, vases and other Italian interiors, but it is especially the glass lamps that have taken our hearts by storm. In addition to the popular Murano mushroom lamp, we specialize in ceilings that are mounted in either the ceiling or on the wall.

We only sell Murano glass objects in vintage condition, and we make an effort to find the best ones. We find glass that was primarily produced in the period 1950s to 1970s. Every single find has a story when we get it in our hands and none of our lamps are alike. Each object is mouth-blown and handmade in Murano, Italy, and you can see it. You will not find any lamps, bowls or vases that are alike, you will find a similar one. Each maestros, glassblower has its own technique and distinctive way of handling the glass, and one can see that it is craft. It's one of the joys of surrounding yourself with vintage Murano glass.

A loving restart to our Murano find

We have a location in Copenhagen, from where we carefully give our vintage Murano finds a loving hand before they go out into the world. We make a virtue out of giving every single lamp, bowl and vase from Murano the best restart so you will be satisfied with your purchase. We know there are many considerations in buying a lamp, and we know how much joy it is to have found the perfect one. Once the lamp is found and you know exactly where to decorate your home. We want to live up to that joy, so we do our best before you receive it. We always make sure that the lamps are delivered with a new cord, and we give it a loving hand so that you can see your lamp from its best side every day without spending time on it. We do that for you.

For us, a lamp is not just a lamp that lies a thought behind every lamp we have and passes on. We find what is unique, special and different that we know will make you happy every day.

Contact us via email or come by our showroom if you have questions or wishes. We look forward to hearing from you.