Do you want to work with us, Copenhagen Venice

If you want to make a collaboration with Copenhagen Venice, you are welcome to contact us. We have a large collection of vintage Murano lamps, vases, bowls and other Italian interiors that we are happy to lend out.

Our collection of vintage Murano glass

We mainly have vintage Murano glass from the period 1950s to 1970s, everything is carefully selected and many of our objects are truly unique. We love to share our collection and therefore we gladly lend our lamps, bowls and vases out for assignments, as long as they are lovingly taken care of. It could be that you are responsible for a styling for a photoshoot, a task for a magazine, decorating a shop window or maybe you have a TV series or a TV feature where you can use a Murano lamp from the 1970s or a of our beautiful Murano vases with a special story.

You should know that each lamp, vase and bowl is unique and handmade on Murano, so it brings both history and atmosphere with it. It could be one of our lamps that has hung on an old Italian monastery, or one of our vases that for many years was part of the Fratelli Toso family's own collection - one of the most acclaimed glassblowing families on Murano Island. Of course, we would like to tell you more about it if it is interested in what you need it for.

You can borrow it from our glass collection

We borrow our table lamps, ceiling lamps, pendants and wall lamps from our collection. If there is a particular color, size or shape you are looking for, we usually have it, as our collection of Murano lamps is large. We dare say we have a wide range of Murano lamps. Especially ceiling lamps, like a ceiling that sits close to the ceiling, or a pendant that can hang elegantly over a dining table, we dare well promise we can find out.

Of course, we also lend our collection of vintage Murano mirrors, vases, bowls and bonbonnieres.

We help you if you are in doubt

If you are not quite sure what to use, we will be happy to help you find the best match from our collection. We advise you according to taste and need.

We help find the perfect match between what you want to borrow and what you want to borrow for. It can be the shade, the pattern or the size that matters - then of course we help with that.

Contact us now

Our showroom is located centrally in Copenhagen, and you are more than welcome to come by and see what we have.

Contact us now and we will arrange a non-committal meeting

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