Vi giver dig 3 gode grunde til at elske vintage Murano lamper

We give you 3 great reasons to love vintage Murano lamps

Vintage Italian Murano glass lamps are something very special that has really made an impact in Denmark and the rest of the world. We can not get enough of their eye-catching shapes and colors. We give you three good reasons to love them.

Function and sculpture that merge

We have fallen in love with the Murano lamps with their eye-catching colors and different shapes. The glass lamps from Italy can do more than just give light in the living room on the long winter days and dark evenings. We think vintage Murano lamps are a delight to the eye and we can not get enough of them.

The lamps are popular, but we may have to say popular again, because they are not new lamps. We are going back to the 1960s and 1970s where most vintage Murano lamps sold today are from. They are beautiful and graceful with their soft, round shapes and eye-catching colors and patterns. You will find them large and small, such as table lamp, wall lamp and ceiling lamp. In between, they are both whimsical and fun to look at. There is a Murano lamp for every taste. A lamp that stands out in every way and probably most of all resembles a sculpture.

We can not stress enough that we love vintage Murano lamps. You get a lamp that makes you happy. Whether it is with its elegant swirl pattern or eye-catching color. You will not find any similar lamps that are both functional, function as a beautiful sculpture and even handmade. The Vintage Murano lamps are mouth blown and that definitely makes them a piece of art. None of the lamps are the same, each lamp is unique. Wherever you place your Murano lamp, you will notice that it gives a personal touch to the home. It can not be avoided, as each lamp has its own personal touch.

We love the Murano lamps because they are functional and provide a good, nice and cozy light and at the same time are a beautiful lamp, whether it is on or off.

A world of colors and shapes

The glass lamps from Murano are available in many variants and perhaps what makes the decision-making process both exciting and difficult when choosing the lamp that should do well in the home. They come in different shapes, but most with a soft expression that is unbearable. Most popular is the mushroom lamp, which is shaped like a sponge and has a consistently twisted swirl pattern in the glass.

We do not escape the fact that in addition to the recognizable swirl pattern, the simple white, strong blue and strong pink are the colors that are most in demand on the mushroom lamp. The lamp was originally designed in the 1970s by Gambaro e Poggi for Vetri and only in a limited number. The idea of ​​the mushroom lamp was to design a lamp that would appear unique in people's homes, and it still holds true today. We dare say that the mushroom lamp with its unique shape and lasting popularity has become an icon.

The ceiling lamps as both pendant and ceiling are also available in a multitude of colors and patterns, but the most colorful are, as with all Murano lamps, difficult to find, especially in vintage condition. There is a lamp for every taste and you will find them with swirl, vertical stripes or even silver and gold inclusions.

Whether one is into eye-catching colors and special shapes, it is clear that the Italian Murano lamps have regained its popularity and we understand why. They are inspiring and evocative, whether you place the lamps in the living room or the bedroom. We like to see when the light is allowed to shine through, because then you can see the right craftsmanship and the details in the glass that make each lamp so unique to look at, and then they spread a good mood with both big and small .

Crafts through generations

You will not find two identical Murano lamps. You will find two lamps that are similar to each other.The lamps are handmade and the craft has been inherited through generations for over a thousand years. We only think that the generation-heavy craft is another reason to fall in love with the lamps from Murano.

It gives a very special feeling in the body when you know that the lamp you stand with in your hands was handmade more than 50 years ago. Some of the lamps are older and others newer, but nonetheless, it gives a very special feeling that the glass has such a strong history. A glass puater enters mastery and is trained as Il Maestro, the master, after which the glassmaker masters advanced techniques and the production of patterned and colorful glass productions.

The combination of the historical origins of the Murano lamps, the personal production and the neat exterior, we must conclude is an absolute attraction when it comes to the regained popularity of glass lamps.

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