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Decorate with the beautiful Italian Murano glass vases

Create the perfect atmosphere at home with one of the beautiful handmade Murano glass vases in strong colors and impressive patterns. Use them classically for flowers or as decoration in the decor. We've found 5 of our own favorites here.

Small blue glass vase with a special story

Behind this vase is Fratelli Toso. Toso is the surname of six Italian brothers who have made a name for themselves in colorful glass and patterns. This vase has stood with the family themselves as part of their own private collection. A vase for you who love collectibles or just want a good story to tell.

Murano blå glasvase

Vintage Fratelli Toso Murano glass vase

Green glass vase with beautiful details

Create an eye-catcher in the decor with this green glass vase. An elegant vintage Murano Fazzoletto vase with folded edges and volume in the glass that can easily hold a large bouquet of flowers. The folded edges of the vase allow the flowers to have a natural fall to the sides.

Cute pink glass vase with the popular swirl

Create the right mood with hand-picked roadside flowers for this cute pink vase with swirl. A delight for the eye with and without flowers. The vase has a size that can be easily placed, whether it is the coffee table or by the sink in the bathroom.

Vintage lyserød, rosa swirl Murano glasvase

Vintage Murano pink, pink swirl vase

Unique vase with the glassblower's signature

If you are looking for a very special glass vase, then this pink vase is particularly unique. With the glassblower's signature engraved on the bottom, you'll hardly find a more believable vintage Murano vase. It is made in a glass technique called Sommerso. A technique where two or more colors in contrast are combined without merging. The technique was invented by the glassblower Antonio Da Ross. The vase here has a clear, transparent outer layer, which is often placed on vases made in Sommerso.

Vintage Murano pink, rosa, lyserøde glasvase

Vintage Murano pink, pink Sommerso glass vase

The slim vase in shades of blue

Let the long-stemmed flowers or branches stand in this blue Murano vase. The vase is made of blue Opal glass, which is a special feature of the work of Italian glassblowers in ancient Venice. The vase is mouth blown in only one piece of glass and has several shades of blue. A simple vase with nice details for the dining table.

¨ Vintage Murano opaline blå glasvase, håndlavet glasvase

Vintage Murano blue Opaline glass vase

Powerful vase in pink Alabastro glass

This vase stands out in particular from other glass vases with its strong stature and beautiful pink color. Alabastro glass is developed by the glassblower Archimede Seguso and has a shade of pink that will next be creamy to look at.

Vintage Murano rosa, lyserød glasvase, håndlavet fra Italien

Vintage Murano pink, pink Alabastro glass vase

A classic white Murano vase

If you live by the expression 'a little but good', then this vase is a really good offer for the vase you should own. A simple white vase with beautiful swirl all around that suits sunflowers, and other long flowers. Mouth blown in only a single piece of glass.

Vintage Murano hvid swirl vase i glas

Vintage Murano white swirl glass vase

Are you curious to see more beautiful Murano vases, you can see all our vintage vases from Italy here .

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