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Plafond lampe | Indret din bolig med plafond loftlamper og få god spredning i lyset derhjemme.

2022 Guide: How to use ceilings in your interior design

We need many more lamps in our interior than we often think. Ceiling lamps, table lamps and wall lamps for both the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom should be in every home. To create good light, it is almost indispensable to have ceiling lights in your home. A ceiling is a particularly good source for getting a nice light in the room. We guide you to furnish with ceilings.

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What you need to know about ceilings

Ceiling lamps are not a new invention. You may recognize it from the summer house or from the stairwells of the classic Copenhagen buildings, where it illuminates the floors between the individual halls. We believe that the regained popularity is due to both function and form.

You may not find a lamp as versatile as a ceiling lamp. Originally, the lamp was intended to hang from the ceiling, and as the name suggests, 'plafond' means 'ceiling' in French. With varying sizes, it can be hung virtually anywhere - but most often it is seen in a size around 30 cm. Precisely that size is ideal for hanging in smaller rooms. It can be in the bathroom, where it neither takes up much space nor requires much height, as it is mounted directly on the ceiling. The Italian Murano ceilings from the 1970s are available in several sizes and at Copenhagen Venice you can usually find them from 25 cm and up to 50 cm in diameter. Find a size that fits you right here.


Vintage Murano plafond lamper

Vintage Murano white ceilings 30 cm and 40 cm, mouth-blown in the 1970s in Italy.

We especially notice that the white ceilings are popular. Here you get a sculptural lamp that provides a functional light and at the same time is beautiful to look at. The Italian vintage plafonds are particularly notable for being handmade, and many have swirls in the glass that just make them even more interesting. The rediscovered popularity is probably due to the size, which is easy to install in the entrance hall of the house or in the bathroom of the apartment.

See our entire range of ceilings here.

How to decorate with ceilings at home

Think about which room you want to hang your ceiling lamp in. Should it provide light for the bathroom? Is it for your entrance? Or do you want to hang it in the children's room?

Decide if you have space for a large ceiling if it is to hang from the ceiling of a small bathroom, where there is little ceiling space. Maybe the ceiling is low too. Then you probably prefer a small and flat ceiling lamp that can easily provide light to the entire room, as the brightness depends on the bulb you choose. If, on the other hand, it is to hang in your entrance hall, where you have high ceilings, you can choose a large ceiling. You can even choose to make a cavalcade of several plafonds in a row one after the other. If you have a children's room, a plafond can be a decorative lamp on the wall. Hang it on the wall above the bed, as a bedside lamp, and use a low-brightness bulb to create a cozy atmosphere.

Although a plafond is originally intended to hang from the ceiling, it can easily be placed on the wall. It gives a decorative touch to the decor, especially if you choose a ceiling with a swirl or a color that differs from the rest of your decor choices. Combine two or more suspended ceilings in your entryway or on the wall above the back of the sofa to create an installation. A plafond on the wall can also be a good alternative to a table lamp if you want to save space at home and at the same time an option for a different wall decoration. It is easy to attach a cord with a switch so that it can be used as a wall lamp.


Vintage Murano swirl plafond lampe
Vintage Murano plafond hung as a wall lamp, mouth-blown in the 1970s in Italy


A hand-blown glass wall lamp or ceiling lamp is a very special lamp. You won't find two identical ones, but if you're lucky, you may find some that are similar. There will be deviations in the glass, but that is the charm of mouth-blown lamps. You can tell it's handmade. Possibly use the lamp as an addition in a newly built home, where a mouth blown Murano lamp can add charm to the newly built style.

How to hang a ceiling in just 3 steps

One of the reasons for the plafond's regaining popularity can also be found in the fact that it is an easy lamp to hang. Here you get 3 steps on how to easily and safely set up the lamp at home.


Vintage Murano plafond loftlampe med et helt særligt mønster. Mundblæst i hvid glas og har messing bund. Kan nemt monteres i loftet eller bruges som væglampe. Håndlavet i Italien, 1970erne. D:40 cm H:15 cm

 Vintage Murano ceiling 40 cm, mouth blown in the 1970s in Italy.


1. Disassemble the lamp. You loosen all the screws on the suspension.

Tip: Do not unscrew all the screws completely, but leave them in. You only need to unscrew them far enough that you can just separate the suspension from the glass. Then it is easier to assemble it again.

2. Feed the cord through the suspension and then connect the cord to the socket before mounting the bulb. Tip: Be sure to check the light before reassembling the lamp and hanging it up. Then you save a lot of work, so you don't have to go through the process several times.

3. Mount the suspension where you want the lamp to hang, after which you can put the glass on and tighten the screws again. Tip: If the plafond is to be mounted on the wall, you can simply screw in a single screw and hang the plafond afterwards. In this way, you avoid drilling more holes in the wall than necessary.

It can be done so easily, and you can easily do it on your own. You will find all our ceilings here


Vintage Murano plafond


You can also read about the most iconic Murano lamp, the mushroom table lamp. You will find the article right here.

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