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Make Murano a memorable destination and experience Italy's colorful and historic glass island

Go to Murano in Italy and experience the colorful glass up close from the street Fondamenta dei Vetrai, which runs along the canal, or at the Museo del Vetro, which houses a huge collection of Murano glass . An absolute experience if you are interested in glass art.

Take a day trip to the glass island

If you are interested in experiencing how glassblowers still work today with the historical craftsmanship, and see how glass art is created in authentic surroundings, Murano is an absolute travel destination. You do not have to plan your trip to Murano, on the contrary. It takes no more than 20 minutes to take the public water bus from Venice to Murano. The island is far less overrun than Venice and has a whole other tranquility for that very reason. There are about 5,000 people living on the small island and all more or less related to the island's renowned glassblowers, which include names like Alfredo Barbini, Archimede & Livio Seguso as well as Barovier & Toso and many more. The list of glass artists who have had their name established around the world is long.

Murano, the island where history and renowned craftsmanship merge

It was in Venice that the glassblowers started to have their place of affiliation, but as the demand increased, the work increased and so did the fire hazard. It was therefore forbidden to work with glass, and a work ban was imposed in Venice. Instead, the glassblowers moved to Murano, where the island still exudes glassblowers and colorful glass art. Therefore, you should not look long for a place to see glassblowers over your shoulder, and you will probably find small workshops with only a few employees who are most likely related. Once you have found a workshop, you will probably notice that it is the men who are by the fire and the women who assist and help customers in parallel. This has always been the case, and it is still the case today. Do not take it personally if you are asked to come back at an agreed time. After all, working with glass is a hard and demanding process and a job the glassblowers at Murano care about a lot. Their glassmaking can be secret methods through generations that they are not much to show off, we must respect that. You can, in turn, find a workshop to attend if you are very dedicated, and otherwise you can easily find your way to the Museo del Vetro, where all the greatest glass artists are exhibited. The museum has a unique collection of glass art produced on Murano by the greatest and most renowned glass artists of all time. Do yourself the favor of visiting the museum, because here you get an insight into the glass techniques that characterize each artist and an overall experience of the craft you have come to experience. Beautiful chandeliers, with handmade prisms and neatly hand-shaped finishes on each arm of the chandeliers, adorn the museum's ceilings. They remind one of how skilled glassblowers Murano had then and still have today. It is a craft that still exists today and with good reason, there is no reason to change the traditions when it works.

Murano is still quality and unique design

In the streets of Murano are shops with glass in all the variations you can imagine. You will find everything from jewelry, like earrings and glass balls like pendants to bracelets, to vases and glass figures, like clowns, and yes, the whole animal kingdom shaped in glass. There are virtually no limits to what you can find. Maybe you just want to take the experience home, and then it fortunately costs nothing to see from the street. If you are thinking of bringing a small souvenir home, you can quickly buy yourself poor in the small glass figures and other glass decorations for the home. Remember that what you find on the island is newly produced. Moving around the island, you will quickly discover that all you are approaching is a reminder that Murano is centered around glass art Close to the canal Fondamenta dei Vetra you will find the former church of Santa Chiara Murano. Today, the church is a permanent showroom, where newer glass art is exhibited to tourists, and it is possible to see how glass art is produced in their workshop in the church for a fee.

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