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Giv en unik Murano lampe i gave til en helt særlig lejlighed

Give a unique Murano lamp as a gift for a very special occasion

We give you our take on why a Murano lamp can be the perfect gift. Do you have an upcoming occasion where the gift must be something very special? It could be for a wedding or a birthday, so read along here.

That's why you should give a Murano lamp as a gift

Are you going to a wedding, christening or another big anniversary, where the gift must be something special? Then we have no doubts at all. A Murano lamp is an absolutely memorable gift that can bring joy for many years. A vintage Murano lamp in particular shows that you have carefully selected your gift.

Murano lamps combine functionality with craftsmanship and design history. If you choose a lamp as a gift, it will always have a practical function in addition to just being beautiful. We often need far more lamps than we think. The living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and possibly more in each room. At the same time as the practical need, we want unique homes and here it is clear that a Murano lamp is not just a lamp. All are mouth-blown and this means that each lamp is unique in design and you will never find a perfect match. That way, the gift you give is always unique in itself.

A wedding is a big day, as is a christening and a birthday, especially if the birthday person fills up. We therefore think that the gift must be something special and a gift that will be remembered on a memorable day. The question is, which one should you choose?

You should consider these when choosing a Murano lamp

Think about who you are giving the lamp to. Should it be big or small? Does it have to be conspicuous? Should it be a table lamp, ceiling lamp or wall lamp?

If the Murano lamp must be large, you can consider a ceiling lamp to hang above the dining table or in the bedroom. It can be a white ceiling lamp with a swirl, or a ceiling lamp with a filigrana pattern. Murano lamps with a swirl are generally popular because they are pleasing to the eye and show off the fine craftsmanship and how skilled the Italian glassblowers are at working with glass. A filigrana lamp is made of clear glass with clear rings, usually white. An incredibly beautiful ceiling lamp when the light is on or when the sun shines through the glass and the pattern is allowed to spread over the entire ceiling. These are two elegant lamps that no one will ever tire of. We dare to promise that. They are classic and easy to fit into the modern, Nordic home.

A small table lamp is another option for a gift. It could be the popular Murano mushroom, which is available in several sizes, but the small size can easily be placed on the windowsill or on the dresser and bedside table. It will easily blend into any home and is perhaps particularly popular in the white color for that very reason. It is simple.

If the lamp is for someone who appreciates colours, and it must be something extra, you can go for one of the rarer Murano lamps. When we talk rare, it is often vintage Murano lamps in rare colors and shapes. It can be a strong pink or turquoise blue table lamp. You may be lucky to find a mushroom table lamp in those colours, and if you're really lucky one in multi-colours, i.e. a combination. Vintage is what makes it more unique because you can't go down and order more of them.

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There are big and small ones, those that can hang or stand by themselves. The possibilities are many. When you have made up your mind about the type of lamp you want to give, it is time to start looking for both shape and color. Because no two Murano lamps are the same.



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