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Find inspiration til dine juleønsker

Find inspiration for your Christmas wishes

Christmas is approaching and that means nice food, good company, gifts for those you care about and for yourself. We have found our best 5 suggestions for which Murano finds you should want this year.

1. We have fallen head over heels for this small vintage Murano mushroom lamp. It has a cute, small size that fits perfectly on the bedside table or windowsill in the bedroom. The color pink provides a pleasant light that fits well with the calm atmosphere a bedroom should have. Then of course it is a delight to the eye with its delicate pink color when it is without light.

Lyserød Murano Mushroom bordlampe

 Vintage Murano pink baby mushroom

2. Find one of the beautiful vintage Murano ceiling lamps that you can renew your home with. Maybe you need to replace the dining table lamp with another one. You will find both round and oval, white or colored with the recognizable swirl. There are ceiling lamps for every taste.

Murano loftlampe, filigrana, vintage swirl lampe

Vintage Murano filigrana ceiling lamp

3. If you need a place to store your jewellery, you can put them in this beautiful shell. Leave it on the bedside table so you can easily put your jewelery away when you go to bed or perhaps in the bathroom so you have something to put your rings in when you wash your hands.

Vintage pink alabastro muslingeskål

Vintage Murano Pink Alabastro Clam Bowl

4. Want a beautiful vase that will decorate your home. This small glass vase has the coveted Murano swirl and a size that will fit into most homes. A sweet pink vase that will nicely decorate your home until spring and the flowers come again. Then you have the perfect vase for your flowers.

Vintage lyserød Murano swirl glasvase

Vintage Murano pink swirl glass vase

5. You might recognize it, because it's still a hit, and for good reason. If you live in an apartment or have a small holiday home, space may well be tight. A plafond, which actually means ceiling in French, is a very good choice. Without compromising on either the amount of light or design, you get a very simple lamp that does not take up the entire room. It is placed very close to the ceiling, from which it provides very good light in the room. Alternatively, a plafond can also be hung on the wall as a cozy reading lamp.

Vintage Murano plafond, loftlampe med hvid swirl.

 Vintage Murano white swirl plafond


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