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Vintage Murano lyserød mushroom bordlampe med swirl | Murano lampe

The iconic Murano mushroom lamp we love

It is irresistible with its cute shape that attracts attention worldwide. The lamp that looks like a mushroom, and which has become popular for that very reason. We can't get enough of the iconic Murano mushroom lamp, so we think it deserves a proper presentation.

Who designed the Murano mushroom lamp?

Mario Gambaro and Bruno Poggi are the ones we have to thank for the beautiful lamp. The two Italians designed the lamp under the name Gambaro e Poggi for Vetri back in the 1970s with the idea of ​​creating a different lamp that could stand in the home of those who would appreciate having such a beautiful, artistic table lamp standing. Incidentally, it was only made in a limited number.

How do you recognize a Murano mushroom?

The Mushroom table lamp is an exclusive affair, as it is in vintage condition, and it requires incredible craftsmanship to make the lamp. The recognizable mushroom table lamp is mouth-blown in just a single piece of glass, which most people can imagine requires both strength and skilled craftsmanship to shape. In addition to the shape, there is usually a swirl pattern, which lies twisted in the glass, to be made and decorate the glass. The pattern is an absolute delight to the eye when it is lit, and it only gets better because the pattern can usually be felt when the hands are allowed to touch the glass. It is therefore a table lamp that speaks to the senses.

The Mushroom lamp is one that requires a lot of work and good dexterity to shape, and we can emphasize that by saying that it takes 10 years for the glassblower behind to be a master apprentice and work with Murano glass. It takes a long time to master the craft, and most glass techniques require an enormous amount of precision and practice. Some Murano techniques take a long time to work with before the result is complete. This is why a Murano mushroom lamp, and Murano glass in general, is an expensive affair to deal with, but it is also what we appreciate about Murano lamps.

The mushroom lamp in beautiful shades 

If you have fallen for a mushroom table lamp, you have probably also fallen for the beautiful colors that the lamp is available in, but they can be difficult to get your hands on. A strong pink or blue colored lamp can make anyone happy. The strong colors of the lamps attract attention, whether you see them in the living room or in your feed on Instagram, where the lamp also abounds. The colors are made from minerals that are added to the glass. If the color is not your thing, the mushroom lamp is also available in white, which neither makes the lamp less interesting nor boring to look at.

The next time you see a vintage Murano mushroom lamp, you now know what craftsmanship lies behind it and that the lamp draws both history and nostalgia into the living room. To the question why the mushroom lamp is still popular today so many years later, we must answer that it can do more than just provide light. A vintage lamp always brings history with it, and it gives food for thought.

There are many reasons to love the iconic table lamp from Murano in Italy, and we can't put our hands down when we see one. We will continue to love the lamp for many years to come.


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