De mest unikke, sjældne og særlige vintage Murano lamper

The most unique, rare and special vintage Murano lamps

We've had many vintage Murano lamps in our hands, and in between we come across one we've never had one in our hands before. We give you an insight into the rarest lamps we have on the shelves.

The huge and fun lamp with the recognizable swirl

We rarely have Murano lamps in two colors, so for that reason alone this lamp should of course be highlighted, but it is mostly the shape that makes this Murano lamp rare. We have had many lamps in our hands, but none other than this one. It has the shape of a sponge, making it part of the popular mushroom family, but the shape is markedly different from the coveted white mushroom with swirl. For many years we have not seen any vintage Murano lamp like it. The size is also so large that for that reason alone it attracts attention with its height of 38 cm. The lamp also has a very clear swirl and twisted pattern, which we only think makes it more beautiful.

The lamp that divides the waters with its special shape

We have never had a lamp that has had such mixed reactions as our lamps, which probably most of all resemble the shape of an egg. Perhaps not the most flattering reference, but it's probably the closest we come to describing the particular Murano glass lamp. With its special shape, the egg lamp , both as a table lamp and a floor lamp, garners many comments in our showroom . Despite its special shape, we now like most of all the rare egg lamp in both large and small size.

The much-loved mushroom with round shapes

You've guaranteed to see the popular table lamp shaped like a sponge, and it comes in many varieties. The mushroom lamp , as it is called, is most often mouth-blown in a piece of glass, and we often say because that is how we most often find it, but it happens that we find a mushroom handmade in two pieces of glass, that is, a glass screen and a bottom. Both color, pattern and size vary if you are lucky enough to come across this beautiful table lamp. The shape will always be recognizable, but available in different versions. We have fallen in love with a special round mushroom table lamp and because of the shape, we call it mushroom . It's not often we find it, but when we do, of course, we can not stand it with its beautiful round shapes and recognizable closed top.

Murano lamps in cream and yellow color

If you have a vintage Murano lamp standing in the colors cream or mild yellow, we think you might feel quite lucky. There are many shades of yellow, but it is especially the cream colored and very mild shade of the color. Murano lamps in this color in themselves provide a pleasant light, which makes the lamp coveted. We also think it is popular because it is warm to look at, even when the light is off. It fits in well with the Nordic homes. Unfortunately, there are not very many of them. We are always looking with light and lantern for both wall lamps, ceiling lamps and table lamps in exactly those colors, because we know how popular they are, but they are difficult to find.

Double colored Murano mushroom table lamps

We have only a few times found two-tone vintage Murano mushroom table lamps, so of course they belong to our rare lamps. It is two mushroom lamps in particular that have made a name for themselves with their coveted colors.The pink, white table lamp with nice swirl, and then the blue, pink table lamp with swirl The latter has made a name for itself, as pink and blue are two very popular colors, and when they are combined in the same lamp, the next can not be found much better. It must be one of those lamps we will never forget.

Multicolored mushroom family

It is definitely a rarity that we find more of the same lamp, but it has succeeded, and so even in multicolors. We have found three vintage Murano mushrooms with a closed top that stand out in shape from our Murano lamps found so far. With its beautiful shape, the glassblower has managed to draw the colors pink, blue, gray and yellow from the base of the lamp to a beautiful finish on the top of the lamp. We love them and think they would do well in a children's room.

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