2022: Besøg Venedig og Murano med Copenhagen Venice

2022: Visit Venice and Murano with Copenhagen Venice

If you have an interest in glass art, history and food, Venice is the perfect destination. Copenhagen Venice has been to Venice - and we take you on our latest trip to adventurous Venice and the famous glassblowing island - Murano.

The trip goes to Venice and Murano Part 1

The trip goes to Venice - on land and by sea

If you're planning a weekend get away, it's easiest to fly to Venice Marco Polo Airport. The airport is located on the Italian mainland, and is only a short boat ride from the legendary island. Just outside the airport you will find the pier where you for approx. 120 euros can book your own private boat, or you can take the public water bus for approx. 30 euros. If this is your first trip to Venice, we can definitely recommend booking a private boat on arrival, which gives you the complete experience of entering Venice, and at the same time you will be dropped off as close as possible to your hotel (the drivers are also extremely helpful 😉) . You will have plenty of opportunities to use the water bus during your stay - for example to and from Murano Island. Our experiences on Murano Island we will share with you in The trip goes to Venice and Murano Part 2.

Besøg Venedig og book en privat båd fra lufthavnen

Book a private boat and get straight to the heart of Venice

Hotel in Venice - a city full of possibilities Venice is a mecca of culturally rich hotels with romantic, Italian décor. Venice is divided into neighborhoods, and on this trip we booked the Hotel Giorgione , which is located in Cannaregio. The location is both central and makes it incredibly easy to get to Murano, as the water bus to Murano is only 10 minutes away from the hotel.

Find det perfekte hotel i Venedig | Besøg Venedig og Murano 2022

Hotel Giorgione - perfectly located in quiet Cannaregio

Restaurant experiences in Venice - a taste experience

Venice is full of great restaurants and flavors, and we could no doubt write a novel just about food. Fish is at the top of all menus, and it can be recommended almost everywhere to order antipasti and the restaurant's fish plate. Here is a short list of some of our favorite restaurants in Venice:

  1. Trattoria Ca ’D'Oro - a small family-owned restaurant located in the Cannaregio district in one of the small alleys. Even in absolute low season it is usually fully booked and we can recommend visiting them a few days in advance and booking a table.
  2. Trattoria Alla Palazzina - is beautifully located by one of the canals. The restaurant is known for their homemade pasta and delicious fish dishes.
  3. Busa Alla Torre Da Lele (located on Murano) - this restaurant is mentioned in the Michelin guide year after year and it is not without reason. Enjoy a really good lunch and an Aperol Spritz in the sun and then sprinkle on the island.

Besøg Venedig og Murano | Hvor skal du spise

The perfect fish plate with polenta and lemon at Trattoria Busa Alla Torre, Murano

Street food i Venedig | Besøg Venedig i foråret 2022

Street food in Venice can also be something

Shopping in Venice - it can not be avoided

There is ample opportunity for shopping in Venice. It's not without reason that it's a popular destination for both couples and girlfriends - there really is something for everyone.

A must have when you're in Venice is one of the classic Venetian carnival masks and of course glass art from Murano. You will find the colorful glass on all street corners, and there is a large selection to choose from.

In the Calle Larga area you will find exclusive international brands such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry - but of course also Italian Prada, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Loro Piana and Valentino.

Italian coffee in Venice - anywhere, anytime

Italy is (also) known for its exceptionally good coffee and it is available in all bars and restaurants.In Italy, espresso rules and the Italian word for coffee is caffé, which is synonymous with espresso. Where in Scandinavia we can easily spend a long time enjoying a good cappuccino, the coffee culture in Italy is completely different. It is perfectly normal for Italians to enjoy a un caffé at the counter and then immediately move on.

Bring your dog to Venice - the perfect match

Italians love dogs and there are no challenges in bringing your best friend to Venice. It is quite normal to see dogs at bars and restaurants in Venice, and you will meet a lot of cute dogs when you walk around the narrow passages. It is therefore possible to go on a trip to Venice with your best friend 😊

Part 2 follows ...

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