Genkend Murano Glas. Vintage Murano glasvase i rød og gul swirl. Smuk vase fra Italien.

3 tips for recognizing Murano glass

How to recognize original Murano lamps, vases and bowls. Here we give you 3 tips on how to see if the glass is authentic Murano glass or not.

1. Look for the glassblower's signature and name on Murano glass

Start by looking for a signature from the glassblower. The easiest way to verify that you have found Murano glass is by looking for a sticker. It is the manufacturer's verification and signature that you stand with Murano glass in your hands. It can be Vetri Murano, Venice Glass or something completely different. You can easily locate the manufacturer's location to see if the glass is produced in Murano or in Venice. It is not Murano glass if it is produced elsewhere. Then it can instead be glass produced according to the same technique. Vintage Murano lamps, vases and bowls can be difficult to find with a sticker on, and fortunately this is not the only way to verify the glass, but a good starting point.

2. Colorful Murano glass and beautiful patterns

Murano glass is known worldwide for being colorful and for having gildings in the glass. If you go to Murano and Venice itself, you will see colorful glass in blue, green, red, orange and combinations of the colors together stand and adorn the shop windows. It is eye-catching glass art, and one of the most obvious characteristics. It can be a Sommerso vase, where the technique is to put together two or more layers of glass in contrasting colors without the colored glass being in contact with each other. There must be clear glass that separates the colored from each other. Millefiori is another technique in which the pattern, as the name suggests in Italian, depicts small mosaic flowers and preferably in a multitude of strong colors.

Vintage Murano glasskål i grøn med guldmønster

Vintage Murano glass bowl with gold

3. You will not find two identical Murano glasses

No Murano glass is alike, remember that. Then you are in a store that sells Murano glass, you will easily be able to hold two similar vases up against each other and compare them. Vases that are manufactured can be produced in the same way without deviating from each other and being identical down to the smallest detail, but then it is not the real thing. It is quite the opposite with Murano glass. Murano glass vases, lamps and bowls are similar to each other and no more than that. It is handmade, so naturally there will be deviations in either shape, color and pattern. It can be difficult to assess if you do not have it in your hands but have found it online. Then you have to look for other characteristics - like the crooked features that show that the glass is handmade.

Vintage Murano væglamper i hvid swirl og messing. Flotte væglamper fra Italien.

Vintage Murano wall lamps

We hope you are now better equipped to go in search of the lamp, vase or bowl of murano glass you dream of. Even better than that, that you also find it. Have fun.

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